Q&A – March 29th, 2010

29 03 2010

I almost forgot about Ask Jodelle! That would have been a disaster! =) Well I’m a little late actually, sorry about that. I’m still trying to figure out a good day to sit down and answer questions. Maybe every Monday. We’ll see.

Well, anyway, here are the two questions for this week!

Question #1 from Shannon, Australia
If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take five items, what would they be?
Good question! Hmm, let’s see…
1. My dog. Unless there are wild animals on this island. It wouldn’t be that awsome if my dog got eaten.
2. A good book. Most likely The Host because I can read it over and over.
3. Sunscreen. I burn easily.
4. Matches, because I never could figure out how to light a fire by rubbing two sticks together, so I would probably freeze at night.
5. A boat to get the heck out of there! =)
Question #2 from Gilles, France
How that’s happenned when you arrived the first day in Twilight 3? Everybody already know others actors and you was a “new one” so….was everybody nice with you ?

Yes, absolutely. I had a great time, and everybody was really nice. A lot of people seem to think that just because somebody is famous, they’re probably not nice, but the cast and crew in Eclipse were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I had a really fantastic time filming and I felt very welcome.



Q&A – March 17th, 2010

17 03 2010

Question #1 from Rob in the UK:

Do you ever get to keep any of the outfits or props from your films or TV shows?  e.g. Mary’s bell from Kingdom Hospital etc.

It’s funny that you should say that because Mary’s bell is one of the few props that I’ve kept. I’m normally not allowed to take the props in case there are re-shoots or something, but I did get to keep the bell. Probably because they had so many of them. If there is only one, then they have to keep it, just in case. Same with outfits. They normally have a lot of duplicates, so I’m allowed to have a few things, but then once in a while they’ll only have a few of something and then I can’t take it.

Question #2 from Anthea in Australia:

How do you get into character? Do you really need to feel unlike yourself, to be totally in character?

No. A lot of actors have to comepletely turn into another person, but I’m not really like that. No matter who I’m playing, there’s always a little of me in there. I don’t have to “find the character”, I just read the script and act like I think the person would act. As soon as the scene finishes, I’m totally myself again.

Keep the questions coming! I’ll be back next week!


Ask Jodelle is Back =)

17 03 2010

Hey everybody! Ask Jodelle is back, so you can submit your questions at www.jodelle-ferland.net. I will answer them here. I can’t answer every question, but I will choose 2 every week and post the answers.

Ask Jodelle

7 03 2010

Head over to http://www.jodelle-ferland.net to submit your questions for Jodelle to answer!